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Type : OPS0031 | 2 speed transfer cases

Max Input Torque 14000 Nm
Max. Input Speed/direction 2800 rpm/clockwise
Shaft distance 348 mm
Ratio Series On-road Off-road
1 0.88 1.52
2 1.01 1.52
Shifting Operation Type Position
3-pneumatic Backword
3-mechanic Backword or forward
Front axle Output Operation    
(or differential lock operation)
Pneumatic operation with indication swith
Torque Ratio Proportion  1:2.214 (differential is optional)
Air pressure 6.5~8 bar
Lubricant oil(add to oil level)
Air pressure
With Differential Without Differential
4,5 L 5 L
Total Weights 240 Kg 238 Kg
Optional Unit N200 P.T.O or connecting device for ZF8605 oil pump is optional
Input Flange DIN180, T180 (ISO8667)
Front Axle Output Flange DIN165, T165 (ISO8667)
Rear Axle Output Flange DIN165, T165 (ISO8667)
The transfer case can be modified as per customer's requirements.

Description :

Type : OPS0031  |  2 speed transfer cases Optima Drives
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