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Type : OPS6115-OPT-5 I 5 Pumps

Gear Ratios  
Max input power 437 Kw for G076/067; 530 Kw for G087/078 & G097/087
Max input torque 2200 Nm
Max power per output 150 Kw for I-IV and 55 Kw for V
Max. Output Speed  
Max. Input Speed 1900 and 2300 min
Nominal torque per output  
Max torque per output 400 Nm
Weight approx. 280 kg
Pump adapter size: SAE B, SAE C, (SAE A for pump V)

Description : We have 3 different type - G076/067 & G087/078 & G097/087

Type : OPS6115-OPT-5 I 5 Pumps Optima Drives
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