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Type : OPS371 | Vertical Split Shaft Unit

Main Drive
Torque 3000 Kgm 29.420 Nm
Output Shaft
Torque 130 Kgm | 1.275 Nm
Speed / RPM  
Output ratio 1/1,28
Output of Hydraulic
Torque 400 Nm | 3922 Nm
Max. output power 35 Kw
Output ratio 1/1,28

OPS371 has been specifically designed for sewer cleaning trucks. OPS371 is a split shaft power take off whose dimensions and performance are particularly suitable for driving through Cardan shafts hydraulic pumps, blowers, compressors above lorry’s frame. The flange for Cardan shafts can be mounted both on differential and/or cabin sides. On opposite side, there is the possibility of having a flange for the direct mounting of a hydraulic pump. 
Equivalent to PFT 3000/4AV-E (PFT-4AV-E/3000).
Muncie SSV series. 
PZB 42903, 42904, 42905, 42906, 32903, 32904, 32905, 32906.


Type : OPS371  |  Vertical Split Shaft Unit Optima DrivesType : OPS371  |  Vertical Split Shaft Unit
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