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Type : OPS002 | Vertical Split Shaft Unit

Main Drive
Torque 3500 Kgm | 34.323 Nm
Output Shaft
Torque 160 Kgm  |  1.569 Nm
Speed / RPM  
Output ratio 1/1,28
Output of Hydraulic
Power 35 Kw
Ratio 1/1,62

WITH CLUTCH  -  Special Monoblock Design.
* centerline pump output; capable to drive up to 10.000 lt pump.
* Shaft distance is 420 mm.
* Equivalent to PFT-PCV/3000
The Transfer Case OPS002 WITH CLUTCH has been designed primarily for use in dry vacuum equipment and combination sewer cleaning machines. OPS002 is a vertical Transfer Case with dimensional characteristics and overall configuration ideal to power equipment as pumps, blowers, compressors, etc. mounted above the frame rails of the vehicle. 

Type : OPS002  |  Vertical Split Shaft Unit Optima DrivesType : OPS002  |  Vertical Split Shaft Unit
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